“Twitter is the greatest invention in marketing history” Says UFC’s Dana White

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I got to sit down and interview Dana White ahead of UFC 140. The event takes place on December 10th in Toronto, Canada and like every UFC event, heavily hyped via social media. Over the past 3 years, Dana White and the UFC have built a very strong social media presence. I wanted to speak to the head of the UFC himself and get some more detail on what he thinks of Twitter and other social media tools. Dana goes on to outline how he got into Twitter, how he uses it to help his business, what are the pitfalls and benefits.

Amy Jo Martin of Digital Royalty, who helps build social media strategies for business such as the UFC had this to say about Dana White and his use of Twitter.

“Dana White was the first sports executive to see the power of these new communication channels. From day one, Dana and the UFC have treated social media channels as a dialogue vs. a monologue.” Digital Royalty


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  1. I like Twitter because it’s hard to hide – the truth comes out. Phony tweets/users who try to hard or are overtly fake are ousted quick.

    Dana is quite the opposite – he is very genuine on Twitter, sometimes too genuine for some people’s tastes! I think he accurately represents the rebellious, brash, in-your-face aura that MMA represents.

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