5 Things a start-up founder should think about 30 days from launch

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30 days out from launch I was reflecting on the top things I need to do to help make my company as successful as possible. Here were the top 5 things

1. MVP, MVP, MVP – This isn’t the time to get fancy with all the bells and whistles. You can always build them later. This is about making sure your system works. The question here should be “Is the baseline user experience working?”. I have been tempted to ask for this, that and the other. At the end of the day, the system needs to work in its purest form.

2. You are the Quality Assurance and the product manager – Testing is never a fun activity, but guess what? It is your responsibility to go out and test every freaking button, every square pixel of your user experience. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND ALL OF THE BUGS!

3. Focus and inspire your team – As the fearless leader of your team, it is your job to keep everyone pumped and excited and firing on all cylinders. It is easy for everyone to get distracted with background noise. Whether it be showing up with pizza while everyone works into the night, or passing on an encouraging word to someone who is really rocking it, it is your job to help everyone stay on their A game.

4. Prime the pump – Work with your perspective partners and customers ahead of time. If you haven’t done this yet, this is the time you want to start speaking to them. You want to hit the starting line with a running start not with a dead stop. This will rapidly help and ensure you will get moving faster.

5. Ask for help – You are only one person. Although you may be running yourself ragged to be all things to all people internally and externally, you need to not be afraid of asking for help. Friends, family or colleagues (assuming that you haven’t pissed them off) are generally more than willing to help you. Make sure you keep track and get ready to thank those people when you achieve what you set out to do. More times than not, people can forget or not be appreciative to all the people that helped them along the way.

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