Dad’s Choice – App Recommendations for a child with an iPad

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Well my cute daughter Anna is running around with our generation one iPad. Since the tech is relatively new there are no hard and fast rules for managing your child’s iPad usage. We have tried to figure it out as we have gone along, but finding quality apps is always a challenge. It is a challenge because you want to find something interative and can teach you something instead of just mindless drivel. She is now 2.5 and now these are her favorites that we totally approve.

As a result here are our recommendations for Apps

Endless Alphabet – This is a fantastic app for increasing your child’s vocabulary and getting them to start spelling and sounding out letters. Download Endless Alphabet







Toca Boca Kitchen/Doctor/Hair Salon – Toca Boca produces some fun games for kids. These three are our favorites. Download Toca Boca Kitchen / Doctor and Hair Salon 


Princess Fairy Tale Maker – Don’t let the name fool you. This is a fun little app for creating visual stories with your kid increasing their imagination. Duck Duck Moose is a great studio for kids games. Download Princess Fairy Tale Maker. Download Princess Fairy Tale Maker



Recommendations on Youtube

Peppa Pig – While this is not limited to just the web it is a great show that has been adapted for countless languages.

Mother Goose Club

It is a great series of unique songs, very friendly and catchy. I still can’t get the Dinosaur stop song out of my head.


  1. My kids love the Dr Panda ( and Monkey Preschool ( series games.

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