Anything Show Episode 5 – 4 Tips for setting up your video blog or web show

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Sometimes you fail. It has been a year. A whole year since my last episode. You start these things with the best intentions then life sometimes gets in the way. Whether it be running a few companies, building a new house or chasing 2 kids under 5, something had to give and it was the show.

Fast forward a year,  things are more settled with me on a number of fronts and my little girl started a show with my help and then encouraged me to go back to mine.

I wanted to share some of my learnings around helping to create a web show or video blog

4 Tips to Set up a Video BlogI wanted to share 4 Tips to Set up a Video Blog

It has been a while since I have posted, but here is my latest. I am changing up the format of my posts and don’t less driven based upon interviews.

My first post back is sharing what I have learned for setting up your own video blog or web show.

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