Printchomp Turns 5

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We have seen a lot of changes in 5 years, and we keep growing. We launched our product to the world 5 years ago to the world at Techcrunch Disrupt with the intent of connecting people with local printers. Our goal is to make printing quicker, easier and more cost effective than traditional methods.

While there have been some ups and downs, we have had many amazing accomplishments and customers in five years:

Printed millions of business cards and countless other products
Processed 10s of thousands of orders
Connected 20k + printers through print network

Growing a business often takes far longer than one hopes or expects. With unexpected ups and downs comes turmoil and changes. Our team as grown, shrunk dramatically, and now we are growing again. I want to thank Declan Whelan, our original CTO and Co-Founder, and the rest of the people who have contributed their time and energy to build the company.

But we must look forward and continue to evolve the platform and grow the company to its next stage. Our team’s expertise got many things right in our first iteration, but there were several technical, marketing and operations items that prevented us from growing as quickly as we would have liked or hoped.

Our MVP worked, but we couldn’t scale with how we built the app/company. After speaking to a lot of customers and figuring out what worked well and what needed tweaking, we put our heads down and got to work.

After a lot of work and dev efforts, we are happy to announce the largest new launch since the initial release of Printchomp. We fundamentally changed the way the app functions, and stripped it down to its most basic feature set to provide a simple but elegant experience.


  • Easier to Use
  • Faster to Order
  • Easy to Re-Order
  • Focused user experiences
  • Tighter integration with partners to give better options

In the coming months we have an aggressive schedule to evolve the platform and take it to the next level. We will be actively soliciting more feedback from customers to make the user experience even better.

Our goal is to continue to make Printchomp the destination for printers and print buyers to order print. In one week we relaunch the next generation of Printchomp with our network of 20000+ printers. We are tweaking it up and squashing bugs, and look forward to unveiling our hard work soon!

To my fellow entrepreneurs, success is rarely a straight line. There are many opportunities to take the off ramp and give up. Don’t give up work hard, be smart and you will get there.

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